Process notes for Experiment 1. The idea: A continuation of my initial project – to learn how the tools and materials (lino and different types of ink) behave. For my contribution to the Posted/Unposted exhibition.

One. An edition of 40 decent linoleum prints is hard to achieve. Especially when the DIY press applies uneven pressure to the block and when the printmaker is hardly a printmaker (yet).

Two. Remember the name of the paper you’re printing on.

Three. Always do a minimum of one test run.

Four. Umber ink, please dry! I hear extenders and retarders provide such qualities. How about just making ink capable of drying without additives?

Five. Pre-made coloured envelopes are really expensive. Custom made ones take time.

Six. Do envelopes need glue to be considered envelopes?

Seven. Damn proper linoleum with its canvas backing-lint sticking to my ink rollers.

Eight. Do not number and sign the edition until all parts of the project are completed.

Nine. A proper printmaker never cuts, only tears (paper).

Ten. Need paper-registration practice. Cheat-code: Carve crop marks directly into the block!

Eleven. Perfection was never the goal. Process rather. And seeing it through. Phew!


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