Monday, 25 May 2015

Collecting the equipment pt. 1


I had been reading online about converting old mangles (clothing-presses) into etching/relief presses.  In principle, their function is identical. Spare mangles are abundant, whereas etching presses are scarce, both used and new.

Buying a new press would be an exaggeration, as they are both expensive and difficult to transport. I had no luck asking people where I could find one in desperate need of a new home, nor did I get any results from ads. Since I already was in possession of  two mangles, the choice was simple.

I compiled a list of items to to make the conversion complete:

  • a bed plate made from a thin, strong material to fit between the two rollers
  • wool printmaking blankets (at least two)
  • a table/workbench to mount the mangle onto

Friday, 22 May 2015

Clavicle boost


This project came to be the winter of 2014/15. A longing for change, for manual labour, a hobby, a substantial pastime. First, the plan is to explore (and ideally get better at) relief printing, essentially linoleum- and woodcut.

The initial setup for this site was all done one-handed, due to an unfortunate bike ride that ended with my left clavicle fracturing.